Your worry – My parents will forget the running water in the tub. How do we protect against this?

ISICare Solution:  Bathroom Flood detection Device for overflow tubs. This device will monitor water overflow and sound alarm as well as alert the central monitoring station for verification, dispatch and caregivers notification if required.

Your worry – My parents will zone out, let the shower get too hot, and get a serious burn. How do we protect against this?

ISICare Solution:  Temperature-activated flow reducer for showers. It’s relatively low-tech but this gadget sure doe’s work.  A screw-on faucet attachment prevents burns by shutting off the water from a sink of shower if it gets too hot.

Your worry – I can’t be there all the time – how do I protect my parents from washing machine water line problem?

ISICare Solution: Washing Machine Detector and Shutoff. ISI would install unit to detect a leak, sound an alarm, and automatically turn off the water supply to the offending appliance to prevent further damage. These alarms would also notify the monitoring station.