Your worry: My parents will burn themselves cooking, or leave the stove on and start a fire. This is one of the leading cause of home fires.

ISICare Solution: The Safe-T-element Cooking System. This device consists of cover plates you can install over existing stovetop burners that limit how hot they can get and automatically shut off the stove if they reach a certain temperature.

This product is engineered to help prevent stovetop cooking fires before they can start.

When the cast iron plate reaches just over 350°C/662°F the element automatically shuts off. As soon as the element has cooled to below 350°C/662°F the thermostat kicks in and starts heating up the cast iron plate again. In this way, the cooking surface maintains a steady, constant and safe cooking temperature. Considering that water boils at 100°C/212°F, the heat that Smart Burner delivers is more than sufficient to cook effectively, efficiently and safely.

Additional Home Fire protection devices or information

Fire Suppression kit

This is a revolutionary new product that installs in your ceiling, and when activated by heat it automatically fights the fire without water. It can provide you and your family the extra seconds to safely exit your home, reduce the damage and mess of a fire, and each unit provides effective fire suppression to a 16′ x 16′ area.


Fire Mask

This anti-smoke mask is made of very high quality materials in order to offer you the maximum protection. Its primary function is to protect you against intense smoke during an emergency exit. If you have to use FIREMASK™ in the event of a fire we will replace it for FREE.*

Click the image for more information on the Fire Mask product.