Residential Intrusion Alarms

ISI Innovative Solutions Inc. is an industry leader in the design, installation and servicing of home security systems. Our installations are custom designed to meet your needs, using top quality components that remain cost-effective. Our systems are designed for ease of use, offering the maximum in security while maintaining a sleek appearance to blend in with today’s modern home designs.

A security alarm is your first line of defense in protecting your home, small business, family, and valuables against burglary, fire, unauthorized entry and other emergencies. Call for a free estimate today….why wait until after something happens to protect your property? Now is the time to secure your valuables and your future with an intrusion alarm from Innovative Solutions, leaders in quality and customer care.

Door Chime / People Counters

Security systems are now designed to include a variety of features to keep your home or small business safe, in ways that you’ve never imagined.

Your system can be equipped to alert you when someone opens the door; a feature which is ideal for announcing visitors or family members arriving home, or customers entering your small business or home office.

A transmitter mounts directly to the door frame and when someone opens the door, the contact is disturbed causing the chime to ring. Chimes are available in a variety of tones, to meet your individual preferences.

24 HOUR Monitoring

Monitoring of your security alarm system by a 24-hour alarm reporting station ensures professional response to any potential emergency.

ISI Innovative Solutions Inc. has partnered with a monitoring station with locations in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to provide efficient, reliable, and bilingual customer service.

With your subscription to this service, our monitoring station facility will be notified immediately of medical emergencies, panic alarms, intrusion alarms, smoke or fire, high or low temperature alarms, floods, AC power failures, low batteries, user identification for arming and disarming, and many other features.

With a monitored security system, you may qualify for a discount in your house insurance.

Who will you call for help when your alarm sounds?

Professionally-installed, 24-hour monitored detectors can notify your monitoring station, which immediately calls the fire department to help you-whether you hear the alarm or not. Monitored detectors are your best protection.