Commercial Audio Systems

Commercial Audio Systems

The generic term “audio system” means many different things to different people. Whether your meaning is a PA system that is integrated into your existing office to allow for easier communication; a fully integrated meeting space allowing for video and telecommuting, or simply a music distribution system to add to your office’s atmosphere, ISI Innovative Solutions Inc. can design and integrate the system of your dreams.

With all the different display technologies available today, such as plasma, LCD and large screen projection televisions, it’s easy to find yourself confused about which technology is best for you. Our experts will explain the differences and advise you on the applications where one technology might be better suited than another.

Controlling video, audio and lighting through the touch of a button, touch screen or remote is an essential part of any commercial audio/visual design, and we can design a control system to be as sophisticated or simplistic as you like, depending on your specific needs.