Your Worry I can’t be there all the time. How can I know that she is okay?

ISICare Solution: Install an ISICare Basic Controller Package. Our basic package includes a monthly rented control package. It is installed in minutes and will offer the following options for those who are not comfortable wearable panic device at this time.

  • Provides manual operated button, when activated will provide two way bilingual communication with central station for any needs
  • Provide on file medical condition and medication information if provided, Could contact caregiver or family love one when required
  • Dispatch emergency support if required
  • Provide 6 audible voice message with daily medication reminders
  • Provide active or deactivated check-in button.
  • Provide an  auto verification function if required by pressing button
  • Electrical power lost notifiable with 30 hour battery backup
  • Provide wireless bathroom emergency pull cord (Optional)

Your worry – What if something happens and someone needs to get into the home?

ISI solution: Secured metal security box. ISI would install a secured key box with code: easy access for family, friends, caregiver and/ or emergency responders.