Your worryMy parents won’t remember to take their medications – or they’ll take the wrong ones.

ISICare Solution: Automatic pill reminders. By the time a person reaches age 70, they’re probably taking about 12 medications. The inability to take them unsupervised accounts for a high percentage of nursing home admissions. Fortunately, many devices available now can remind your parents to take their pills and keep them from getting their prescriptions scrambled.

  • The medication dispenser unit increases medication compliance up to 96.7% by virtually eliminating missed doses and overdosing medication.
  • If the medication is prescribed correctly, the effectiveness of the drugs remains high because the blood plasma levels do not fluctuate outside of required tolerances.
  • The ISICare dispenser automatically dispenses medication to patients up to 4 times per day, and our available monitored devices transmit to the monitoring centre or caregiver if medication time is missed.
  • Timed-alarm system provides next dosage automatically
  • Medicine is under key lock and tamper resistant
  • Holds up to 7 days of 4 times a day dosing, 3 for 9 days, 2 for 14 days and 1 for 28 days
    Extra pill tray available for easy switch
  • Alarm to sound when pills are ready and resets when door for pill shoot is open.
  • If pills are missed an alarm will be dispatched to the monitoring centre or caregiver.